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Training and Fitness / My New Story
« on: January 20, 2013, 03:12:12 PM »
It's funny how Proride consumes a part of our life; I guess what's more interesting is that we become part of this social network and end up meeting some really cool people.  I have enjoyed being part of this forum for the last few years and for that I feel like I should share the latest step in my life.  Over the last year my family and I have sold and bought a house, added a new addition to the family (she is now 4 months old) and I changed careers.  Whoa, what a roller coaster!  

The part that I haven't fully adjusted to yet is the career change.  Went to college, got a degree, opened a small facility and built a nice little business, the economy hit and I sold my facility, worked as an independent contractor for about a year and then decided to 99% stop training completely.  The economy hit me good and I'm my worst enemy.  What I mean by that is I'm a terrible salesman; I can't stand b.s ing. someone to get their money.  I like to let my work do the talking, but when the economy was good, that worked.  My business was booming, but then I felt everyone cinch down on their belts.  One day I remember losing about 5 clients, all due to their budgets tightening.  And finally I got tired of competing with inferior trainers who could sell ice to eskimos (and they are all over the internet) and the massive fluctuation of income from month to month.  And that is what killed my business.  

I have worked with and consulted with some on this board, had good success with a number of various athletes including some on here.  I've become friends with a few and to that I feel like I owe it to everyone (I think because I'm on Proride so much, too) on here to let you know the latest.  Also, because the "Training and Fitness" forum was supposed to have info from me on a regular basis and I have been slacking.  

With that being said, I joined the IBEW Union and became a groundman for Par Electric working on the Devers Project.  We are running a 500,000 kilovolt power line from the Colorado River to Menifee.  The ultimate goal is to get into the apprenticeship and become a lineman.  As of now the pay is decent being at the bottom of the totem pole, plus I work 60 hours a week but the future has potential for me and my family.  I feel it's the only way to make decent money this late in life.  The challenge for me is going from being self employed for 10 years to being the absolute bottom of the food chain.  BIG ADJUSTMENT!  The positive is I have full medical benefits which I have paid for out of pocket for the last decade and a retirement.  And like I said, the pay isn't bad.

It's all good, I still train Austin #76 and am currently building the single car part of my garage into a gym.  Once that is done I will post exercise videos again.  Even though I have started a new chapter in my life, I can't let go of my past.  I love strength and conditioning and hope it's always a part of me.  With that, I hope that I can still offer guidance to anyone on here who needs it.  

It's funny, doing this post has been in the back of my mind for quite some time.  I feel like I owe it to the forum.  I think I was too scared, maybe it's part of my letting go process?  Hope all is well.

Training and Fitness / Very Good Article
« on: December 28, 2012, 05:24:58 PM »
In this sport there are a lot of "trainers" that think they have a clue.  Maybe it's my own ego, but I have a very hard time with that.  Here is a good article from Coach Seji, although I have never met him in person I enjoy reading his articles and I think he has a clue.  Enjoy.

Training and Fitness / Great Podcast
« on: November 03, 2012, 06:16:02 PM »
Stolen from Vital.  Very interesting if you have the time.,20/PEDs-Victor-Conte-FASCINATING-STUFF,1245907

Training and Fitness / Exercise/Movement of the Week
« on: July 09, 2012, 08:53:11 PM »
I'll try to post something like this on a weekly basis, whether it be me or someone else and give some direction and reasoning.  This first movement is part of our dynamic warm-up progression.  It's called "World's greatest stretch", it gets some of the muscles to open up (stretch) and activates others.  For most people an issue is they lack the proper glute activation which contributes to a lot of issues, including knee problems.  This movement opens up the hip flexor complex, chest, lats, and hamstrings.  And it also starts the wake up process of activating the butt muscles (gluteus).  Also great movement before you ride.  Take about 6 steps total and hold about the same time I did in the video.  Make sure the butt is tight during the rotation part (when the arm is up to the ceiling) and while you try to stretch the hamstrings.  And always try to push the back heel down to stretch your calf muscle.

Good luck.

Training and Fitness / Just For Fun.
« on: July 09, 2012, 08:42:35 PM »
I may have posted this soon after I filmed it.  This is Vicki last year, mid-season.  Her training was focused on a maintenance phase, but the point is that with a good program you can continue to gain strength all season long.

205 lbs. for 11 reps, not bad.

Training and Fitness / Welcome All!
« on: July 08, 2012, 06:01:28 PM »
Phil and I have briefly talked about doing a forum like this for a bit now and finally have come around to it.  I think it can be something for everyone (myself included) to learn from and hopefully we can get some good info shared that is useful for moto and everyday life.  I'll try to answer any and all questions and hope that there are others that can contribute as well.  Maybe we can get some decent conversations (arguing  :)) that will challenge everyone about the world of strength and conditioning.  I'm excited to see where this takes us.


MX tech talk / Jr 50 Choke Issue's
« on: November 03, 2011, 08:50:46 PM »
Finally got my son's Jr 50 running!  Now the problem is it idles ok with the choke on, but dies when I turn it off.  What the next step?

MX tech talk / Suzuki jr 50 parts
« on: September 06, 2011, 08:20:52 PM »
anyone have a hook up?  Need the magneto cover (kickstarter side), and silencer. 

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